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Price List 

 Procedure  Price
 Initial Consultation (includes a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan) £190
 Follow up or subsequent consultation £100
 Fertility Assessment £460
 HyCoSy £335
 SIS (Saline Infused Sonography) £285
 Semen Analysis £120
 IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) - Natural cycle £500
 IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) - Stimulated cycle £720
 Donor Sperm (per cycle) £600
 IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) £3550
 IVF with blastocyst culture £3850
 ICSI (sperm micro-injection in an IVF cycle) £980
 IVF with donated sperm  £4150
 Registration Fee for Egg Recipient (deducted from final payment) £150
 IVF with donated eggs (minimum of 4 eggs) (includes drugs) £6250
 Deposit by egg provider in an IVF egg share agreement £875*
 Donated embryo recipient cycle (includes drugs) £3400
 Frozen-thawed embryo replacement cycle £1300
 Surrogacy Price on request
 Endometrial Scratch £130
 Assisted Hatching £180
 Surgical sperm retrieval under anaesthetic £1550
 Electro-ejaculation under anaesthetic Price on request
 Short-term sperm storage for treatment (2 samples for 1 year) £310
 Short-term sperm storage without treatment (2 samples for 1 year) £395
 Long-term sperm storage (up to 4 samples and 5 years storage) £800
 Long term sperm storage (up to 4 samples and 10 years storage) £1400
 Sperm or Embryo storage per additional year £200
 Abandoned IVF converted to IUI** £390
 Co-ordination fee for moving sperm or embryos out of the centre £120
 Copy of medical records £30



  • The IVF price includes all screening bloods, scans and treatment as well as the freezing of suitable embryos and storage for 1 year.  Thereafter, the annual charge for storage is £200.
  • For licensed treatments, the prices above include up to 2 sessions with our independent counsellor.
  • Fertility Assessment includes the HyCoSy procedure, semen analysis, AMH level, Rubella & Chlamydia screening and a consultant appointment, or any combination there of.
  • Drug costs are not included (except where stated).
  • HFEA licence fee is not included - for IVF/ICSI/FET it is £80, for donor insemination it is £37.50.
  • Blastocyst culture - this is the charge to set up a cycle with extended culture; if there is no fertilisation or the clinical decision is made to transfer the embryos before they reach the blastocyst stage, there is no refund.
  • Costs for cycle conversions can be seen on the costed treatment plans.
  • *If the egg share agreement goes ahead, £875 is refunded.
  • **When a cycle of treatment cannot be completed for medical reasons, an appropriate refund will be offered - please see costed treatment plans.
  • Prices are reviewed annually in April but may be altered at other times of the year due to external influences.
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