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Costed Treatment Plan for Egg Share Provider 

At Salisbury Fertility Centre we want you to understand the costs involved with your treatment and how you will be billed.  Outlined below are the various stages of the treatment cycle with the costs associated with them.

At each stage we will ask you to sign a form, which shows how much you will be charged. Once you receive the invoice, you will have 21 days to pay.  You can pay by card, cheque or cash.

IVF/ICSI Treatment in an Egg Share Cycle

Stage 1 - Initial Consultation

Referral to Salisbury Fertility Centre would normally be when all the initial investigations are complete. You would both have an appointment with one of our consultants, the female partner will have a routine trans-vaginal ultrasound scan and the male partner would normally be asked to attend for a semen analysis on the same day.  It is likely that during your investigations this has been done before, however our embryologists will undertake a much more detailed analysis determining the most suitable treatment for you.

Consultation - £190
Semen Analysis - £120

Stage 2 - Treatment Cycle

The treatment cycle costs include all scans, blood tests and appointments necessary during the cycle, as well as up to two sessions with our independent counsellor.  As you will be donating your eggs, it is important that you see our counsellor to ensure you have explored the implications of donation.

If clinically appropriate the consultant will talk to you about extended culture (blastocyst transfer), there is additional cost associated with this cycle.

If ICSI is required this is normally discussed early in the treatment cycle, however if on the day of treatment (once the embryologist has seen the sample) they feel that performing ICSI with the sample would give a better outcome, they will discuss this with you.

IVF - £875 deposit.  The deposit is returned if the sharing goes ahead as planned.
Extended culture in an egg sharing cycle - £300
ICSI - an additional £980
HFEA licence fee - £80

The cost of the down regulating and stimulating drugs depend on your prescription; determined by your AMH level blood test.  The cost of drugs range from approximately £600-£1000

In order to give the cycle the best chance, the consultant, on looking at your progress scan, may want to either increase the length of time you are on the drugs or increase the dosage.  If this occurs there will be an additional cost to you of the drugs of approximately £100.  However, it could be more.

If you meet certain criteria, the assisted hatching technique may be suggested to you.  There is a cost of £180 for assisted hatching if you choose to go ahead with this option.

If the male partner needs to have surgical sperm retrieval, the cost is £1550. This includes 1 year of storage.

If the male partner needs to have sperm frozen in advance of the treatment, this costs £310 for 1 year of storage.

If the clinicians are concerned about Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) after egg collection, they may make the decision not to go ahead with the embryo transfer in this cycle.  In that case, good quality embryos will be frozen, and a frozen-thawed embryo transfer is planned.  There will be no charge for the frozen-thawed embryo treatment cycle, but you will need to be pay for the drugs, at a cost of £200-£300.

Refunds at Stage 2

If the cycle is abandoned by the clinicians before egg collection - the deposit of £875 is returned, and the HFEA licence fee (and ICSI cost if included).

If less than 8 eggs are collected or there is a poor ovarian response and the provider wishes to proceed for her own use in an IVF cycle, the £875 deposit is used for the treatment cycle.

Failed fertilisation in a completed egg sharing cycle - £875 deposit returned.

If the clinical decision is made to transfer the embryos before they reach the blastocyst stage, there is no refund of the extended culture cost.

Cycle converted to IUI treatment - £875 deposit is used for the treatment cycle and the HFEA licence fee refunded.

If you withdraw your consent to donate within the egg share agreement and continue with treatment then the cost of the whole cycle and screening costs totalling £4450 must be paid.

Stage 3 - Embryo Storage

If as part of your treatment cycle you have embryos frozen, the cost of the first year of storage is included in the cycle cost. Each subsequent year is £200.

If sperm is stored, there is a renewal of storage charge of £200 for each year.

Included in the cost of treatment is one follow up consultation.

Stage 4 - Using Frozen Embryos

If you decide you want to use the embryos you have in storage, you will be undertaking a frozen-thawed embryo cycle.

Cycle costs - £1300
HFEA licence fee - £80
Drugs will cost between £200 and £300

Refunds at stage 4

If the cycle is abandoned due to poor endometrial development, the refund is £850 and the cost of the HFEA licence fee which is £80.
If there are no embryos suitable for transfer the HFEA licence fee is refunded.

Please note that all treatment cycles are individual and may not follow this plan exactly.  This costed treatment plan, therefore, should be used as a guide only.

The cost of treatments are reviewed annually in April, but may change at other times of the year.

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