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Treatment with Donor Sperm 

At Salisbury Fertility Centre we want you to understand the costs involved with your treatment and how you will be billed. Outlined below are the various stages of the treatment cycle with the costs associated with them.

At each stage you will be asked to sign a form that shows how much you will be charged. Once you receive the invoice, you have 21 days to pay. You can pay by card, cheque or cash.

Stage 1 – Initial Consultation
Referral to Salisbury Fertility Centre would normally be when all the initial investigations are complete.
You will have an appointment with one of our consultants and a routine trans-vaginal ultrasound scan.

Consultation - £190

You will also need to see our counsellor to ensure that you have explored the implications of using donor sperm in your treatment.

Stage 2 – Procuring the Donor Sperm
You will choose the donor from information given by the donor bank.
Donor sperm can only be bought for 1 treatment cycle at a time.

Cost of sperm - £600

Depending on where the sample is procured; the cost of courier to transport sperm can be £120.
HFEA DI licence fee - £37.50
HFEA licence fee for IVF treatment - £80

You will be asked to sign the finance form before we organise the purchase of the sperm. Please be aware that it can take up to one month for the sperm to arrive.

Stage 3 – Treatment Cycle
At your initial consultation you will discuss with the consultant your proposed treatment. Please refer to the costed treatment plan for information.

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