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Donor Eggs 

Couples Considering Receiving Donated Eggs

When you come to see the consultant you may already know that your treatment option is to have donated eggs, or this may be a new diagnosis.  In either case, you are welcome to see our counsellor.  The consultant may suggest you have some further tests, and a plan will be made for your treatment.  There is a waiting list for treatment using donated eggs.

You will need to complete a matching form and have a session with the counsellor to explore the implications of using donated eggs in your treatment.  You will also need some blood tests including CMV status and screening tests.

How are donors selected?
The criteria for donors is shown under the Egg Sharing Scheme tab.  Donors can be in the sharing scheme, or altruisitic.  Altruisitic donors are usually women who have completed their own family and are conscious of the pain infertility brings. The eggs from altruistic donors are shared with two recipients.

Will we meet the egg donor? 
No. There is strict anonymity for egg donors and recipients. You will be given non-identifiable details of the donor in order for you to be happy with the donor as a match.  The egg donor will have no legal claim to or be in any way responsible for any child born as a result of her eggs being donated to another couple.

What is the general process for having IVF with donated eggs?
When your name reaches the top of the waiting list, you will be contacted by one of the nurse co-ordinators with details of a potential donor.  If you are happy with the match and want to proceed, your treatment will be planned.  If you do not want to proceed with the proposed donor, then your name will remain at the top of the waiting list for the next suitable match.

Our egg donation programme involves the superovulation of a donor's ovaries with the drugs used normally for an IVF cycle whilst we simultaneously prepare the lining of your uterus, using tablets, to be ready to receive embryos.

The donors eggs are collected.  For the egg share program, eight or more eggs need to be collected for the share to go ahead, we can then guarantee at least four eggs are allocated to you.  These eggs are then mixed with your partners'sperm
If normal fertilisation occures, usually one embryo will be transferred into your uterus.  Depending on your treatment plan, this could be on day 2 or the embryos may be cultured to blastocyst before transfer. Any spare embryos will be graded for quality and if suitable frozen for your future use.

What if I am on hormone replacement therapy or not having periods?
This will be discussed with your consultant and a plan made.

What happens if there are not enough eggs for my treatment?
An egg donor might not produce enough eggs to share despite the indications being that there will be enough prior to the egg collection itself.  In this case, you will be reinstated on the waiting list in the same position as you were before you were matched.

Can the donor withdraw her consent?
Yes. The donor has the legal right to withdraw her consent to the use of the embryos up to the stage of embryo transfer.

For costs, please refer to the funding section.

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