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Frozen Embryo Transfer 

If after a fresh IVF treatment cycle you have embryos that have been frozen (cryo-preserved), you may decide to use these in a frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycle (FET).

The first thing you need to do is discuss a thaw plan with one of our embryologists.  The plan will depend on the number of embryos you have in storage, your medical history, your age, the number of embryos which you could have transferred and your own wishes.  Once you have decided what you would like to do, your treatment is planned by a fertility nurse.

The treatment cycle involves drugs to suppress the natural activity of the ovaries followed by preparation of the endometrium with oestrogen tablets.  If your endometrium shows a suitable response to the hormones we add in a second hormone to mature the endometrium.  You would normally have two scans during the treatment.  The embryologists will thaw the embryos in accordance with your plan, and then you are ready for the transfer to take place.



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