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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a less invasive form of assisted conception.  The treatment can only be performed if the female partner has patent (open and healthy) fallopian tubes, and the male partner has sperm in his ejaculate.  The sperm sample is prepared and then inserted into the womb through a small catheter (a soft, flexible tube).

IUI in a Natural Cycle
If the female partner ovulates, the IUI can be performed in a natural cycle.  You would monitor your cycle and on the day you detect your LH surge, you need to contact the centre to arrange the procedure for the following day.  We run a 5 day service and, therefore, can not always guarantee to complete the treatment. You would not be charged if we are unable to do the IUI. Your partner needs to give a sperm sample on the day of the IUI, which is prepared by our embryologists and then the IUI would be scheduled for later in the day.

IUI in a Programmed Cycle
This treatment is recommended for couples where the female partner needs to boost egg production.  The treatment involves injections from day 2 of the cycle and monitoring by ultasound scans.  The preparation of the sperm and insemination is the same as in the natural cycle.

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