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Improving IVF Success Rates 

Salisbury Fertility Centre uses time-lapse photography to improve embryo selection prior to embryo transfer. This helps our team of embryologists to select the embryo which will give our patients the best chance of achieving pregnancy and a live birth. Time-lapse photography is where a time-lapse camera installed in an incubator records every moment of an embryos development. The time-lapse camera system used at Salisbury Fertility Centre is called Primovision. This allows our expert embryologists to watch the embryos development speeded up when the recording is played back. Knowing how the embryo has developed helps our team to select the embryo which will give our patients the best chance of successful IVF treatment.

Most clinics will charge patients upwards of £700 for using time-lapse photography during their IVF cycle but at Salisbury Fertility Centre we offer this at no extra cost to patients. Patients might think that this would make our IVF treatment costs more expensive but our private prices remain very competitive with most other clinics. For patients of Salisbury Fertility Centre the use of time-lapse photography really is free of charge. Please contact us if you would like further details on 01722 417224 or by email to

In recent months there has been much in the media about the cost of so called fertility ‘add on’ treatments. Here at Salisbury Fertility Centre we only offer supplementary treatments which have significant scientific evidence which show they improve success rates. In this way the ‘add ons’ we offer are limited – endometrial scratch and assisted hatching - which are offered where clinically indicated. We do not offer ‘add ons’, such as embryo glue, where there is insufficient independent evidence to support their use and the long-term health risks on a baby of these supplementary treatments are unknown.

We wish to give our patients every chance of achieving a clinical pregnancy leading them to a healthy baby. We do not believe in charging private patients for expensive supplementary treatments which are not proven by independent evidence to increase a patient's chances of successful IVF.

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